Post functions

nFeed adds two post-function types to JIRA which allow you to set or post comment with nFeed values.

This page explains how to configure them


Add a comment based on a nFeed field

You can copy the nFeed render value in a new comment of your issue.

You can select 3 different inputs which will be added to the new comment:

  • Text above the nFeed value : free text
  • The nFeed custom field ID
  • Text below the nFeed value : free text


Watch out to the order of the post-functions.

Be sure to have a value in the nFeed custom field before copying the value in the comment. If there is no value, the copied content will be empty.

Set a nFeed custom field value

This post-function will select all available values returned in the nFeed custom field.

You just have to specify the nFeed fields to be populated and the post function will do the rest. To select several fields hold the Ctrl key while left-clicking on fields.



Some velocity variables are not accessible like $userInput and $currentUser