Display similar requests on your JIRA Service Desk in order to quickly detect duplicates

Save your agents time by showing them already existing requests related to the same incident.


One of your company's server is down and your Back Office service is offline.

A request is raised by a customer on your JIRA Service desk

Agent from your company is now working on this request. But suddenly another customer raises an issue related to the same incident, and then another one, another one...

Many of your agents are working on the same problem without even knowing it. A lot of time and energy is wasted.


Display all open requests already raised by the clients on the same service.

Once the second request is raised, the agent in charge can notice that another opened request on the same service already exists, and notify the customer.

In order to implement this solution, we will need nFeed version 5.10.0 and Atlassian's JIRA Automation add-on.

First step is to configure nFeed field.

First step: Configure your nFeed field