Edit view

  1. Go to the nFeed administration page and then on the nFeed field configuration page to display the list of available nFeed fields. 
  2. Click on the Configure button to edit the configuration of the corresponding nFeed field. The button will be named Edit in case the field is already associated with an existing configuration.
  3. Select the Edit view tab.
  4. Select a Display widget among the proposed list.
    • Autocomplete – To have an autocomplete text box with plenty of options.
    • Query result picker – To select the data displayed in a table in a raw format.
    • Read-only – To display data in JIRA issue edit screen with no action on it from the user.
    • Select list – To display 1 to 9 select lists in the same row to lead the user to filter and finally select the data.
  5. Choose the Value Selection.
    • The user can select a single value – Only a single value could be selected by the user, it is the default value.
    • The user can select several data – The user can select several data.
  6. Specify the Key corresponding to the position where the unique ID is located in the fetch data.
    This unique ID will be used in the display Field to retrieve and render correctly the data selected by the user.

  7. The field is configured, now you can test your query !