Post function: create a new issue

In order to set an operation as a post function, make sure the parameters Project and Issue type in the Target tab of the operation configuration page (see here) are set otherwise the operation will not be available for the post function. This makes sense because at the time the post function is performed (during the transition) the user has no possibility to set a target project, an issue type or a link type, therefore Exocet has to know where and what must be created.

Before setting an operation as a post function, make sure the field mapping linked to this operation fills all mandatory fields for an issue creation.

When configuring a new issue creation through a post function, the following parameters are available :

  • Select the Operation to be launched as a post function.
  • If you select an Operation which creates a new local JIRA issue, the following parameters will be available :

    • Select whether the Subtasks must be cloned.
    • If the Subtasks are cloned, then you can enter a JQL filter in order to clone only matching Subtasks.
    • Select whether to avoid duplicated issue creation.

  • If the post function launches the creation of a remote JIRA issue the following screen appears, only the operation can be selected.