Share information from linked issues through Jira Service Desk customer portal


Let's say you are managing guest wifi access requests through Jira Service Desk. When customers ask for updates on the access creation, your Jira Service Desk agents need to go find the update and write a reply to customers.

In this example, we'll meet with Dena - she's requesting a wifi access for a colleague of her coming to her office. The Jira Service Desk agent will then escalate this ticket to the operations team.

We are working with two Jira projects: one Jira Service Desk, one Jira Core.

But how do we keep Dena updated? How does she know if the operations team is working on her request?

Before - without Exocet

First step

Second step

Third step


With Exocet it's easy to give visibility to linked issues on the customer portal. Let customers know what is the status of your internal tasks and when it will be done.

After - with Exocet


This tutorial has only one step:

  1. Create a datapanel


  • Link at least one issue with the customer request;
  • Jira Service Desk version from 3.2.x.

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